Join us in Montana

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Frontier Retreat #4, July 2018  (dates to be announced)
Chouteau County, Montana

As the poet David Whyte says, we are living in a time “that requires us all to be in the conversation, all of us to be just half a shade braver.”

We started the Frontier Retreat because so many of our friends, clients and collaborators find themselves asking questions about their work, their choices, and their creative impact. But the demands of life leave them with little of the time and space that such questions require. And even when we find the time, it’s not always clear how best to pursue these questions; how to tap the well of wisdom, and how to find the courage to drink what it contains.

So we invite you to the fourth year of making time together to step back, relax together, and converse on the wide prairies of central Montana.

Here is the story…

Why this? Reflection in a critical time

Invitation, dates, who, what to expect

What it’s like: images and words from past years