About us

Frontier Retreat is organized by Marc Rettig and Hannah du Plessis, principals of Fit Associates.

The retreat is an expression of their commitment to “conversations that matter,” and helping us all get better at having them.

Committed to a question

Marc and Hannah have been collaborating for years, combining their points of view to pursue a single question: “How can we advance and spread the practice of shifting social patterns?” Their firm, Fit Associates, equips people to shift the conversations in their system. They are founding faculty members of the Masters in Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts in New York, and Distinguished Adjunct Professors of Practice in the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design. 

Marc Rettig

Marc’s 35+ year career has been guided by an interest in culture, systems, language and the creative process. Through each chapter of his work — in software systems, strategic design, and social practices — he has engaged through research, consulting, and teaching. Through it all, the connecting thread has been a heart for people. Believing that the life and future of any organization is born in its stories and maintained through its conversations, Marc’s recent work asks, “How do we find new stories, and change the ways we converse?”

Hannah du Plessis

Hannah’s work blends design, personal development and the arts together with the intention to equip people to create and become the change they seek. This blend developed through experience in community leadership in South Africa, design and consulting experience in the U.S., Europe and Africa and a keen interest in social change from the inside out. Her love for the creative process has taken her drawings into publications and herself onto stage as presenter, actor, improviser and dancer.


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