The place, the activities

What’s the weather going to be like in Montana?

September is gorgeous in Montana. The days are mild, with highs typically in the 60’s or 70’s. The nights get brisk — in the low 50’s.

If I’m not super outdoorsy can I still participate?

Yes. No camping or long hikes are involved. Most walks will be on level ground, and one involves a long shallow slope to the top of a ridge (which is so worth it). If you do crave long walks or runs, you’ve got options we’ll point you to.

What kind of physical condition do I have to be in to do the activities?

As long as you can walk comfortably, you’ll be able to participate in all outdoor activities. That said, you’re always welcome to opt out of any activity. We’ll give you alternatives as well.

What kind of food is served? Can you accommodate special dietary restrictions?

Yes. We love to create healthy and flavorful meals, and customize the menu based on a survey of each year’s dietary preferences and restrictions.


Is transportation included?

Our package includes transportation to and from the airport and comfortable rides to all activities. How you get to Great Falls is up to you. Here are some tips on getting there.

Are hotel accommodations included?

Yes, hotel is included in the price, and it’s beautiful! Everyone stays at the historic Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton.

Where’s the nearest airport?

Great Falls International Airport (GTF) is the closest airport. Check out the Getting There page for more travel tips.

Should I bring my computer?

You can bring it, but you won’t use it for what we have planned. To get the most out of your experience, we recommended you leave the laptop behind and set your phone to silent. Take four days to unplug, recharge and clear space for what’s showing up through the conversations and reflections of the day.

Is there Wifi?

Yes. You can access high-speed wifi when in the hotel, in the local coffee shop, and other places around town.


Who is the Frontier Retreat not a fit for?

This wouldn’t be a fit if you prefer intense personal coaching, an outdoor boot camp experience, or a step-by-step formula for activating change.

How do I know I’ll get along with everyone?

Participants are always amazed at how quickly their group moves from strangers to trusted companions. We pay careful attention to creating a “good gathering” where the mix of people, place, activities, and our way of hosting are all in service to support each person’s becoming. If you’d like to know more, we’re happy to talk with you about it.

I identify as a person of color or LGBTQIA+. Will the Frontier Retreat be a safe and inclusive experience for me

Yes. We take great care to make the retreat a safe, inclusive and affirming place for all people regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. The experience works best for everyone when each person feels seen, valued and respected, and is able to bring their full Self into the experience.

I’m an introvert and this seems like a lot of being with people.

You’re not alone. You’ll have a few hours each day to take time for yourself. You may also opt out of any planned activity (we’ll even suggest lovely alternatives). Your guide Hannah is an introvert too!

Isn’t that word “frontier” a bit um, colonial? Why is this called the Frontier Retreat?

Great question. The name was inspired by the writings of poet David Whyte. For him, “frontier” refers to the way that we humans live at the edge between the known and unknown, moving from this to that more than we are at home. If you can embrace this kind of “frontier identity,” you can learn to live creatively at the meeting place between your life and the complexities of the world.

Still have questions

I’d like to come but can’t make this date. Do I have other options?

Yes! We also offer this retreat in Pittsburgh where we live. It’s a different environment and a shortened timeline, but a similar program. We announce it through our newsletter: subscribe to make sure you find out when the dates are announced.

I’m still wondering if Frontier Retreat is right for me. Can I talk to you more about it?

Absolutely. We’d love to hear what you’re looking for and help you determine if it’s right for you. Let’s schedule a chat.