Paula, 2018

The Frontier Retreat was a beautiful escape from the day-to-day that provided space and support for having conversations with others and with myself about fears and hopes. It helped me think about the first steps -- possibly the hardest steps -- toward what’s next for me.

Four days to retreat, connect, and clarify

Frontier Retreat is a four-day creative experience where changemakers from all walks of life come to recharge, reconnect and grow. Many participants tell us they found clarity and language for an inner sense of purpose that they could feel, but not express.

Frontier Retreat can be transformational for you if…

  • You’re facing a crossroads in your life, career, or both.
  • You’re feeling stuck, ready to jump out of the status quo.
  • You know what needs to change but aren’t sure how to go about it.

If something is calling to you, telling you that your life needs to change, if you feel a nudge to play a bigger role in the world but you’re not sure where to start, this retreat is designed to offer clarifying perspectives.

You’re invited to take four days away from the distractions of life.

You can step away from the swarm of emails, meetings, the never-ending demands on your time both positive and negative, and be supported by expert guides who’ve crossed their own life frontiers and helped hundreds of others do the same. What possibilities could open up if you cleared all distractions from your mind and listened to the wisdom you already hold? What if you could see your life from a new direction?

You can. It’s time.

2017 Attendee

The retreat is a wonderful experience using nature, frameworks, exercises, shared experiences, reflection and great food to help you step outside of where you are and discover your new frontier. If you enter with an open mind, you depart filled with possibility.

2017 Attendee

The first step is not easy. Marc and Hannah generously share their wisdom and questions. They provide a gentle tap and helpful tools. It’s not a push, just the right touch of encouragement to help you make the first step on your own. But you don’t feel alone.

2016 Attendee

I came back feeling different: I had less stress, and more ease, empathy and courage. The theme of having courage to be your full self in work, self and society, to be brave, act according to your beliefs, to know it’s okay to stand up-- then to have some ways to muster the courage to stand up -- was important to me.