What it’s like

Words from past participants

“I loved the conversation, and found myself being surprisingly candid with people I didn’t know well (trust-building out of the gate was amazing). I just said to someone else today that it was a truly special trip, so I think the meaning is only still settling in.”

“The event felt thoughtful and deliberate every step of the way, yet never felt rushed or controlled or ‘on task.’ I loved the variety of experiences that somehow felt like one big conversation. I felt very much cared for and noticed, and also liked the overall casual and welcoming vibe. No whiteboards, post-its, break out sessions. Very nice.”

“I valued the time for reflection, as a group and individually. I loved having free time sprinkled throughout the experience, especially after having deep discussion. I appreciated that nothing felt rushed. That is so so unusual for any type of retreat. I also really enjoyed creating the models.”

“Since I live in a foggy, generally cool city, I looooooovvved being outside as much as possible in the warm dry heat of a new ecosystem. I appreciated so much the variety of outdoor activities and getting a chance to have the land wash over me. Don’t change a thing.”

“I’m still processing this trip, but I’ve shared with three people now that it was a special experience. I had no expectations arriving in Montana, but the magic dust I brought home is a truly unique thing.”


You can read a short blog post reporting on the first retreat in 2015, and here are a few photos from past retreats.