Reconnect with what matters

You feel a call to a new chapter in your life, but what is it? 
Many creative souls and changemakers from different walks of life have come to the Frontier Retreat and found clarity of purpose, the words to describe it, and the courage to take the next step. You can too.

The retreat is a wonderful experience using nature, frameworks, exercises, shared experiences, reflection and great food to help you step outside of where you are and discover your new frontier. If you enter with an open mind, you depart filled with possibility.  -Sophia T.

Discover hidden possibilities

Frontier Retreat can be transforming for you, if:

  • You’re facing a crossroads in your life, career, or both, and are ready to explore new opportunities.
  • You’re feeling stuck and yearn to jump out of the status quo.
  • You know what needs to change, but are unsure how to take the next step.

The Frontier Retreat was a beautiful escape from the day-to-day, that provided space and support for conversations with others and with myself about fears and hopes. It helped me think about the first steps -- possibly the hardest steps -- toward what’s next for me. -Paula, 2018

Discover what truly matters

Montana may seem like the last place you’d go to consider your next true steps. It’s off the beaten path, with blue skies, mountains and wheat fields. This landscape catches your mind, body, and senses by surprise and gives you an experience unlike any other.

This makes Montana an ideal place for clearing away distractions so you can uncover what truly matter in your life right now.

Imagine what could open up if you could take four days away from the perpetual swarm of emails, meetings and demands on your time. What if you could step out of your routine and envision your life from a fresh direction?

You can. It’s time.

Since Frontier Retreat I’m more confident in my own wisdom and enoughness. I have one of the best jobs I’ve had in years. It’s the most money I’ve made and the right thing for me right now. I’m able to work and let go of unrealistic expectations of myself. I’m clearer about who I’m not going to be and accept that. The Frontier Retreat helped me discover what was actually important to me. -Erika J.