What it’s like

Last year

Here is a blog post that describes Frontier Retreat 2017.

Words from past participants


“I realized that I had left behind a lot of ‘me’ over the past decade or so. As such, the ‘me’ that was showing up wasn’t as passionate, creative or as full of fire as I remembered being. The retreat helped me remember who I am and once was. It also helped me to think about courage in new ways, both walking towards new horizons as well as walking away from some current or past realities with courage.”

“The retreat is a wonderful experience using nature, frameworks, exercises, shared experiences, reflection and great food to help you step outside of where you are and discover your new frontier. If you enter with an open mind, you depart filled with possibility.”


“I love the set up and the pace. Away from everything, low key, not too many things to do but enough to help us reflect.”

“The landscape was absolutely beautiful and the group size and intimacy was critical for me. I couldn’t imagine it being as successful if it were much larger in size.”

“I loved the conversation, and found myself being surprisingly candid with people I didn’t know well (trust-building out of the gate was amazing).”

“Marc and Hannah approach these topics with such thoughtfulness and empathy. So many of us struggle to find meaning in our lives, so having the time and space to connect and have conversations with others on similar paths is so valuable.”

“The event felt thoughtful and deliberate every step of the way, yet never felt rushed or controlled or ‘on task.’ I loved the variety of experiences that somehow felt like one big conversation. I felt very much cared for and noticed, and also liked the overall casual and welcoming vibe. No whiteboards, post-its, break out sessions. Very nice.”

“Since I live in a foggy, generally cool city, I looooooovvved being outside as much as possible in the warm dry heat of a new ecosystem. I appreciated so much the variety of outdoor activities and getting a chance to have the land wash over me. Don’t change a thing.”

“I’m still processing this trip, but I’ve shared with three people now that it was a special experience. I had no expectations arriving in Montana, but the magic dust I brought home is a truly unique thing.”

Should I go?

“You should go if you are looking for a safe space to explore yourself at this moment in time. If your questions are: ‘What am I doing?  Where am I going?’ or you feel lost, as though you have no idea where you are going.”

“I have told several people that this was a life-changing experience, one that reinvigorated and re-energized me. I came back to work feeling Zen and more like myself than I had felt in years. I had more patience and more empathy, more passion and focus. If anyone is yearning to feel those things, to connect with others or reconnect with themselves, this retreat is a great way to do that.”


Here are a few photos from past retreats.


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